Worst and Best Practices in International Aid Student Work


2020 Projects

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2019 Projects

RE IMAGINE BRAZIL: Youth Media has been proven to highlight the problems of the world through the eyes of the next generation that will run it. Re Imaging Brazil is a social experiment to allow Brazil’s youth to Re Imagine Brazil from what they see today. This experiment will explore the reality of race in their country Participants will be both white and black, poor and/or rich, girls and boys, and have the chance to create something meaningful, and important in order to gain awareness and dialogue with an audience and their peers who are Brazil’s next leaders.

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UNRAVELING SECOND HAND CLOTHING’S IMPACT:  Though it is only a small piece of the puzzle, our project work in 2019 focuses on the unsustainable relationship between rampant overconsumption of apparel produced in a fast-paced, monster scale industry with supply chain nodes spanning the globe; and the increasingly mammoth secondhand clothing industry.   

BIRDS OF A PASSAGE: Brazil is number one in the world in terms of terrestrial biodiversity contained within its six major terrestrial biomes (IBAMA, 2001), three of which have been seriously affected by deforestation, degradation and species loss. Between 60% and 70% of the trafficked animals in Brazil are purchased by Brazilians. Ownership of Tropical birds has been a tradition dating back to the 15th century when early French Colonizers noticed the Indigenous tradition of using bird feathers for religious ceremonies. Many South American and Caribbean cultures have the tradition of keeping tropical birds because they connect Their songs to the soul of every living being.

2018 Projects

The Spring 2018 team created a presentation with an overview of all of their projects. View it here.

Combining travel with volunteer service for a needy organization seems like a win-win for everyone, but is in fact fraught with hazards. Can this practice, largely derided as worst practice, be done in a responsible and productive way?

What easier way to promote charity than to buy a product that supports social enterprise? That “do good while you shop” tag on a consumer item boosts sales, but does it actually support the social good? The short answer: we don’t know, due to a lack of corporate transparency.

This project focuses on the disaster relief efforts made by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on the island of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. It aims to put into perspective what happened after Hurricane Maria and address some areas of improvement. 

Adi Gill created  “Welcome Home”, an online platform that provides information for newcomers in New York City.