SGPIA: An Introduction

The most urgent social challenges of our times – from accelerating climate change, to rising inequalities in wealth and power, to the spread of ethno-nationalism – are inexorably global in nature, and require global solutions. At a time of growing alarm about the direction of the world, universities play an essential role in challenging the status quo, in generating alternatives, and in educating the next generation of global leaders. The work of many faculty and students across the university engages with international issues, but it is SGPIA that specializes on the graduate level in the global space as a set of processes that must be understood, and as a space for action to make the world more equitable and sustainable.

Learn more about who we are as a community–what makes our interdisciplinary, critical, and global perspective unique in the field of international affairs; what their research means to our faculty members; and how our unique take on international affairs shapes our curriculum.