Urbanization & Economic Growth

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Faculty: Michael Cohen
Tuesday 6:00pm - 7:50PM
NINT 6424 CRN 3942

This course looks at the structural transformation of societies as they urbanize both historically and around the world. It looks at the factors that affect urbanization and the way they are linked to economic growth. It considers questions such as: Why is productivity higher in cities? Does urbanization cause growth or growth cause urbanization? How can policy-makers reap the benefits of urbanization without paying too high a cost? What should governments do to improve housing conditions? Are innovations in housing finance a blessing or a curse? and How will governments finance the trillions of dollars of infrastructure spending needed for cities in developing countries? It reviews the state of knowledge of the relationship between urbanization and economic growth. It does not have all the answers but it attempts to identify insights and lessons that have been learned to help make urbanization work as part of a more coherent, sustainable growth strategy.

Levels: Graduate, Undergraduate 
Course Attributes: Liberal Arts, Open to Non Major with Restrictions

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    Cities and Social Justice

  • November 20, 2017