PIA II option: Model G-20

Course Details

CRN 7843-B / NINT 6961 - Practice Capstone Project (Model G20)
M/W 4:00-5:50pm 
Special dates: 8/26/19 - 10/23/2019

This course qualifies as a Practicum II capstone course. Alternatively, it can be offered as a Development concentration elective. Registration requires the permission of Prof. Fukuda-Parr. There is a pre-requisite course - one of the following:

  1. PIA-1
  2. Political Economics of Development NINT 5251/CRN 1524 (can be taken concurrently)
  3. Another Development elective

There is a commitment to travel to Washington, DC to participate in the G20, October 11-13, 2019.For more information: email Saiko Fukuda-Parr fukudaps@newschool.edu.
The description for this course will not be made to the University Course Catalog.
Photo credit: 2018 G-20 Team

Project Details


Fall 2019

Project Date:

December 9, 2019