Humanitarian Intervention

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Faculty: Anna DiLellio
Thursday 6:00pm - 7:50PM
NINT 5225 CRN 4741

This course addresses the legal, political and ethical questions that arise from humanitarian intervention. Contemporary events and the growing internationalization of human rights legislation can pose a serious challenge to existing legal and political notions of state sovereignty and war, as the debate on the 1999 NATO bombing campaign against the Former Republic Yugoslavia (today Serbia and Montenegro) amply demonstrates. In that case, NATO’s intervention and its aftermath tested the post-Cold War world’s growing consensus on human rights as a normative framework for both the claims and obligations of individuals and states. We will give particular attention to those issues, among others drawn from recent conflicts, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda and Iraq.

Levels: Graduate, Undergraduate
Course Attributes: Liberal Arts, Open to Non Major with Restrictions

Photo:UN Photo/Stuart Price

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    Conflict and Security
    Governance and Rights

  • November 20, 2017