Graduate Courses at The New School

Exploring Graduate Courses

Use the Guide to Graduate Courses at The New School to help you choose a wide-range of electives from across The New School. This guide will tell you if courses found in the online University Course Catalog are generally open to non-majors or open by permission in a particular program. The course master subject code is linked to a particular program (Examples of Milano course master subject codes are NEPS, NINT, NMGM, NPUP, NURP). Once you know the four letter course master subject code you can use the Guide to Graduate Courses at The New School to find contacts and links to registration permission request forms.

To request permission into a restricted Parsons course use the links to the Parsons Permission Forms.  Fill the form completely and submit it, requesting a copy for your email so you have a record of the request. Please use these forms only to request permission for courses with major restrictions and permission requirements. This form is not for closed courses. You may add yourself to the waitlist for closed courses. Requests for course permission will be reviewed by Parsons Course Planning staff and Academic Program leadership. Please note that this may not be done until after the new student registration period has ended. Once a decision has been made, you will receive an email with further instructions. Permission does not guarantee you a space in a closed class.

Requesting Syllabi

If a sample syllabus is available, please note that some course content may vary. Please refer to the following resources before requesting a sample syllabus:

NEPS courses – email

NINT courses – email

NMGM courses – email

NPUP and NURP – email