Auditing a Foreign Language

Dear GPIA Students,
All matriculated Schools of Public Engagement (SPE) graduate students who register for graduate courses in their graduate program in a given semester have the opportunity to audit one full foreign language course for free. This is a perk offered to all graduate students outside of your program of study and is not a requirement for your degree. Graduate students can register on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to class availability after the undergraduate population has had a chance to register. The foreign language classes are offered through the SPE undergraduate curriculum and service the entire university. Availability of language classes is not guaranteed.
You will be able to register for a fall course audit starting on July 23, 2018Please do not send an email with your request prior to this date. Contact person: Vanessa Reich at
Note: She will be out of the office from Wednesday, July 11th through Friday, July 20th. All questions will be answered on/after Monday, July 23rd. 
The process is as follows:
Send an email from your New School email address on or after July 23rd to, with your name, program, ID#, the CRN# and the name of the class for which you would like to register. We recommend you provide three choices, in case your first choice is not available (you can check the current availability of each language class by viewing the class finder in MyNewSchool). You will receive a return email confirming receipt of your request. You should then check your MyNewSchool account within 48 hours after receiving the confirmation email to make sure your registration is complete. You will receive no other communication from me unless there is an issue with the course (ie: the course is full).
**If you are unsure of your foreign language proficiency level, please contact the Foreign Languages office at (212) 229-5676 prior to sending me your request.
Please be aware you can only register for a foreign language audit through the end of the add period (or by the start of the class if the class begins after the add period ends.) You will not be permitted to add a foreign language class after this time. You will also not be permitted to sit in on a foreign language class that you are not officially registered for.
You are only eligible to register for a free foreign language course audit in the fall if you will be enrolled in your graduate degree program in fall 2018. For fall language audit registration, you must first register for your graduate classes before you can register for a language audit.
If you finished your graduate studies in spring 2018, then you will not be eligible to audit a foreign language course in fall 2018.
Graduate students auditing foreign language classes cannot be added to the wait list of a full class. If you chose to waitlist yourself and then register for the class as a non-credit student, you will need to then pay for the class. You cannot register as a non-credit student, and then later switch to audit status.
Finally, language courses are taken by students from across the University. Though you won’t receive a grade or credit for the course, you are still expected to attend regularly, participate in all classroom activities including the purchase of necessary course materials and completion of assignments. Please consider your degree course workload and other commitments carefully when signing up for a foreign language course audit.