Research & Data Manager, Bank Street College of Education

Research & Data Manager, Bank Street College of Education

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Start Date: Oct 5, 2020
Salary: commensurate with experience

Position Vacancy – Research & Data Manager (Full-Time through June 2021; start date October 2020 contingent upon securing of funding)

Bank Street College of Education

610 West 112th Street, New York NY 10025

To: The College Community

From: Office of Human Resources

Date: September 2020

Subject: Position Vacancy – Research & Data Manager to support the Brooklyn South Network for School Improvement (BKS NSI) within the portfolio of School Systems Partnerships and Programs (SSPP), Bank Street Education Center (the Ed Center)

Summary Position: Bank Street Education Center (the Ed Center), a division within Bank Street College of Education (the College) created to support Bank Street’s work with school districts, is currently seeking a Research & Data Manager. They will support projects across the School Systems Partnerships & Programs (SSPP) project portfolio, with primary responsibility for supporting the data collection and research activities on the Brooklyn South Network for School Improvement (BKS NSI).

Key relationships: The Research & Data Manager will report directly to the Director of BKS NSI Strategy & Implementation, work closely with members of the BKS NSI project team, and interact with the broader SSPP team.

Responsibilities: In collaboration with their supervisor, the BKS NSI project team, and the broader SSPP team, the Research & Data Manager will be responsible for the following:

Research & Analytics

  • Working closely with BKS NSI team leads to outline a measurement plan that clearly documents the measurement strategy & associated project metrics;
  • In collaboration with key stakeholders, creating data collection tools that capture data aligned to key project metrics (e.g., tools to support teachers to measure the impact of inquiry cycles, surveys, observation tools, interviews);
  • Supporting in building and maintaining data management structures and tools for long-term qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis;
  • Developing and maintaining a dashboard for visualization of key performance indicators and project outcomes;
  • Creating data visualizations for use by various stakeholders (teachers visualizing student-level data, principals visualizing school-level data, districts visualizing district-level data, and Ed Center team visualizing the progress and impact of our network)
  • Working closely with district partners to manage the sharing of student-level data;
  • Working closely with summative evaluation partners to meet the Foundation’s evaluation requirements;
  • Contributing regularly to team meetings and share regular and timely updates on the impact of the project;
  • Analyzing key data points and prepare reports to share with internal and external audiences (e.g., team meetings, district teams, funder reporting and proposals, marketing materials, etc.);
  • Gathering and analyzing research on continuous improvement, school improvement, 8th grade on-track indicators, NY city and state education policy, federal education policy, and other topics related to the project;
  • Participating in self-initiated and job-provided professional development activities to stay current on matters related to education, data analysis, continuous improvement, and 8th grade on-track indicators;
  • Supporting the broader team to deeply understand the district context by researching the history of the city/district and staying current on local topics;
  • Contributing to the SSPP-wide analytics by informing a broader analytics strategy across the portfolio and serving as an Analyst on other project teams as assigned; and
  • Performing related duties as assigned.

Project Management & Operations

  • Managing timelines for various analytics responsibilities and collaborate with the project manager to move forward respective workstreams;
  • Attending professional learning engagements to support in data collection and implementation;
  • Supporting in maintaining a functional and supportive organizational system within the G:Drive, files, documented systems and processes, etc.;
  • Creating and executing on a measurement project plan that oversees the workstreams and timelines for data collection and research activities;
  • Supporting the Project Manager to oversee all strands of the initiative, including monitoring timelines, adjusting to shifting priorities, and escalating workstreams as needed;
  • Supporting in preparing for team structures, such as scheduling, agenda-setting for team and district conversations, notes to articulate key decisions and next steps, and following up with team members; and
  • Performing related duties as assigned.


  • Background in research and education;
  • Excellent PowerPoint skills and the ability to present information, including data, in multiple formats;
  • Demonstrated ability to design and manage complex and multiple projects;
  • Strong communication skills (public speaking, email, fact sheet and report writing);
  • Expertise in interpreting and summarizing academic research;
  • Advanced expertise in Microsoft Excel & Google Data Studio;
  • Prior experience on research projects analyzing student-level data;
  • Experience with reporting and/or managing grant-funded projects and associated deliverables;
  • Familiarity with laws & best practices governing the sharing and analyzing of student-level data;
  • Ability to work effectively with data of varying levels of quality and validity;
  • Attention to detail and ability to identify issues and inconsistencies in data;
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with experienced educators and district teams;
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically & execute on ideas;
  • Ability to work effectively with others at varying levels of an organization and to consistently display a high level of professionalism in all interactions;
  • Flexibility in an ambiguous, fast-paced environment of quickly changing priorities and tight deadlines;
  • Enthusiasm for learning and a willingness to self-initiate professional learning opportunities;
  • Strong work ethic and willingness to take initiative;
  • 3-5 years of work experience

Required Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 3 years of work in in a public school district research office, on a research team (e.g., at a university or policy group), or commensurate experience with student-level data
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to perform independently;
  • M.A. degree in education, M.P.A, M.P.P, or related field
  • Experience working in or with schools

Salary Range: Commensurate with experience.

Application information:       

Tracy Fray-Oliver

Vice President, Bank Street Education Center

Bank Street College

610 West 112th Street

New York, NY 10025

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