Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement and COVID-19

The following is a project created by Alex Somerville Brown for the course, Media, Culture, and Global Politics, taught by faculty memberĀ Nina Khrushcheva.

Hong Kong’s long-running pro-democracy marches, catalyzed by widespread outrage over the drafting of a ‘Fugitive Offenders’ amendment bill by Chinese Communist Party-backed authorities, came grinding to a halt as the COVID-19 outbreak in mainland China threatened to ravage the semi-autonomous state. Whilst, miraculously, Hong Kong avoided the large death toll and damaged economy that many nations face worldwide, the realities brought about by the coronavirus outbreak have made mass protest an impossibility. This presentation brings to light the measures taken by Hong Kong authorities to curb a potential second wave of demonstrations whilst COVID-19 has the public and press’ attention, and deliberates what short-term and long-term consequences the current public health crisis might have on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement.