Coronavirus: A Survey of French Media Coverage

The following is a project created by Michael De Vulpillieres for the course, Media, Culture, and Global Politics, taught by faculty member Nina Khrushcheva.

With nearly 100,000 coronavirus cases and approximately 15,000 deaths (mid-April numbers), France is currently the fourth most infected country in the world. This survey examines French media reports and public perceptions during the pandemic through the lens of the social and political crises that have progressively taken hold of the country in recent years.

COVID-19 coverage by a diverse, yet highly-scrutinized French press is marked by both nuance and sensationalism. Among the prescient themes evident in this exercise are a deeply-contested French president, the use of rhetoric, and the under-representation of populations of color. Looming in the background, both directly and indirectly, is the US context and all its contradictions and hyperbole.
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