Indigenous Needs, Responses, and Coverage Amid COVID-19

The following is a project created by Claire Harlan, Kristian Keene, and Jonique Lyles for the course, Media, Culture, and Global Politics, taught by faculty member Nina Khrushcheva.

It is important to acknowledge the historical struggle of vulnerable populations dealing with structural inequalities and to recognize that they will suffer more at this moment and be affected disproportionately. With this shift in need across the globe, many systems are failing and those who have always been marginalized are getting hit just as hard. 

It is imperative that we consistently shed light on the indigenous, like those in Brazil, the US, and Australia so that their needs are more likely to be met before it is too late. While these communities can feel as if they exist in their own microcosm, we need to have action plans in place in case of the next emergency. We have to demand that media outlets provide a platform for their stories. We must keep all in mind and watch our priorities in response and media coverage. 

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MCGP Group Project_Indigenous Need, Response and Coverage during COVID-19


*Featured image sourced from Mongabay