Senior Compliance Manager, NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

Senior Compliance Manager (Job ID #428632)


Agency Description:

The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) is the nation’s largest municipal housing
preservation and development agency. Its mission is to promote quality housing and diverse, thriving neighborhoods for
New Yorkers through loan and development programs for new affordable housing, preservation of the affordability of the
existing housing stock, enforcement of housing quality standards, and educational programs for tenants and building
owners. HPD is tasked with fulfilling Mayor de Blasio’s Housing New York Plan which was recently expanded and
accelerated through Housing New York 2.0 to complete the initial goal of 200,000 homes two years ahead of schedule by
2022, and achieve an additional 100,000 homes over the following four years, for a total of 300,000 homes by 2026

Your Team:

The Office of Policy and Strategy (OPS) cuts across traditional areas of responsibility within HPD’s organizational
structure to support and strengthen the work of the agency’s various divisions holistically, in close collaboration with the
Commissioner’s Office. OPS’s high-performing divisions use their wide-angle view of the agency to conduct activities with
both broad-reaching and tightly-focused impact, working with almost every other Office across the agency.
Within the Office of Policy and Strategy, the Division of Strategic Operations & Analytics (SOA) works to increase HPD’s
impact by analyzing and improving operations agency-wide. As part of that work, SOA’s Management Review & Internal
Audit team (MRIC) spearheads audit work for the agency, as well as compliance with specific City, State, Federal, and
New York City Council requirements; this includes strategizing and responding to audits from external parties, helping
program staff adhere to key funding requirements, and supporting the agency’s proactive approaches to compliance.

Your Impact:

As a member of MRIC, the Senior Compliance Manager will carry out MRIC’s mandate by:
• supporting program staff in understanding, and maintaining compliance with, key City, State, and Federal
requirements (including City Council mandates).
• bringing a refined and proactive approach to agency self-examination.
• supporting audit work for the agency, including strategizing and responding to audits from external parties.
Through this mandate, the Senior Compliance Manager and all of MRIC help protect resources critical to HPD’s mission
of ensuring that New Yorkers have safe, stable, affordable housing.

Your Role:
Reporting to, and working closely with, the Director of MRIC, the Senior Compliance Manager is an experienced
compliance professional charged with ensuring that regular program practice aligns with the expectations of funders and
oversight entities. The Senior Compliance Manager holds a key role in creating and sustaining a culture of compliance
within HPD, and in supporting staff in understanding and following externally-imposed rules and regulations; s/he will also
ensure that that issues and conditions discovered in the context of audits are addressed through revised program

Your Responsibilities:
• Conduct analyses, both quantitative and qualitative, on various programmatic and administrative practices
throughout the agency to identify and examine potential compliance weaknesses and regulatory risks (both preemptively, and in response to auditor inquiries / findings).
• Evaluate and refine internal operational controls, making them more robust and efficient; present findings and
recommendations for revised controls as necessary.
• Advise, and collaborate with, staff agency-wide on the development of new policies, procedures, systems, and
corrective action plans that best meet compliance needs.
The Department of Housing Preservation & Development and the City of New York is an equal opportunity employer.
• Create and maintain tools and systems that help track and monitor compliance requirements from Federal, State,
and Municipal entities (including the New York City Council), and agency adherence to these requirements.
• Coordinate with other specialized compliance management teams throughout the agency to support work related
to external audits (including preparing data for audit review); ensure that compliance work is addressed holistically
and/or by the correct team by tracking audit findings / recommendations, and agency responses / commitments.

Preferred Skills:
The ideal candidate will be inquisitive and solution-oriented, with the following skills:
• Ability to analyze datasets using Excel, and to draw conclusions from investigation of data.
• Ability to thoughtfully investigate agency processes, draw conclusions, and develop responsive plans.
• Strong communication skills, and the ability to describe findings and issues to various audiences.
• Cooperative spirit; ability to work on compliance matters collaboratively with staff from across the agency.
• Ability to manage multiple time-sensitive projects, and to coordinate with various parties to help complete them.
Highly desirable candidates will demonstrate interest in public policy, affordable housing, or city government; however,
these may be secondary to the candidate’s interest in applying his or her skills to the agency’s mission.

How to Apply:
Please go online and apply at Search for JOB ID #428632
City Employees: Apply through the Employee Self Service portal (ESS) at Search for JOB ID #428632
Salary range for this position is: $69,650 to $74,650

NOTE: Only those candidates under consideration will be contacted.
NYC residency required