Human Rights and the Political Power of Music Delegate, Global Youth Connect

Global Youth Connect (GYC) is a human rights learning and activism organization dedicated to empowering youth from around the world to work together, interculturally and with grassroots organizations, to ensure that all human rights are fulfilled for all people. Our particular focus is on post-violence and/or post-genocide countries.
We want to invite students from the Graduate Programs in International Affairs to apply for Global Youth Connect’s (GYC) “Human Rights and the Political Power of Music” delegation to Colombia from January 1 – 16, 2020.
Students will visit 3 cities – Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena – with the aim of understanding freedom of artistic expression in the Colombian context and the ways music is viewed, produced and consumed.  The program explores the political, historical and ethnic forces that have shaped the music scene in Colombia and looks at the relationships between music, politics, and human rights.  Participants will meet with leading musicians, politicians and activists and learn about the country’s 52-year civil war.
In Bogota and Medellin, the emphasis is on urban music, particularly rock and hip-hop and how it is used to express social injustices.  In Cartagena, the focus is on champeta music and how it works as a form of cultural liberation for the marginalized Afro-descendent population.
Full program details and applications are available here. We are offering up to $1000 in scholarship funding to support participation from qualified applicants in addition to a $400 early application discount.