Associate, The David Prize


The David Prize funds individuals that uniquely contribute to the social, environmental, economic, and cultural fabric of New York City. From a retired teacher re-imagining after school mentorship to a community garden mogul, an entrepreneur serving the homeless or an immigrant fighting for fairer neighborhoods, our winners are risk takers whose ideas make you think, “only in New York.” The David Prize aims to fund those that others do not, and isn’t bound by sectors, disciplines, or impact metrics. Each year, the prize will award 5
individuals $200K each, for a total of $1M granted.

The David Prize is inspired by Two Trees Management founder David Walentas – a maverick and placemaker, a rebel and visionary. This prize celebrates people who, like David, help to make New York City the place we love to live.

ROLE OVERVIEW: The David Prize Associate

This position provides a unique opportunity to support a groundbreaking initiative in a fast-paced, unstructured, entrepreneurial environment. The David Prize is a start-up, hosted at Two Trees Management, that launched in May 2019. The current core team includes an Executive Director, Two Trees Management’s CEO and Chairman, and three advisors — the new Associate will report to the ED. This role runs parallel to the prize calendar and will start in September 2019 and run through April 2020.

The David Prize is a ‘work in progress’ and requires an Associate willing to wear many hats and grow with the initiative’s progress. Workstreams will likely include:
1) Research and Outreach
● Allocation: ~20%
● Description: Research and outreach will be essential to the Prize’s success — to
individuals, organizations, and networks who will get the word out and nominate
prize applicants. Sectors for attention include art & music / creative; science &
technology; placemaking; health; entrepreneurship; economic & workforce
development; food & nutrition; civic engagement; education; environment &
sustainability; social services (childcare, aging, homelessness, veteran affairs); and
immigrant & refugee services.
● Activities:
○ Research priority sectors to surface individuals, organizations, and companies
for consideration
○ Research individuals with potential to help and source applicants, targeting
key thought, sector, and community leaders
○ Manage CRM to facilitate all Prize and application workflow
○ Support collateral development for outreach as needed

2) Applicant Evaluation
● Allocation: ~70%
● Description: The Prize process requires candidates to submit both pre- and full
applications, all of which will be read and evaluated according to specific criteria. The
Associate will participate in this effort, helping to interpret application responses,
conduct light research when needed, and zero in on high potential applicants.
● Activities:
○ Review applications (both pre- and full) via an online portal
○ Evaluate applications based on specific criteria
○ Conduct research on applicants to verify information, assess ‘fit’, and surface
key questions for further investigation
○ Provide feedback on the application based on responses
○ Analyze data to unearth trends among applicants, responses, etc.

3) Operations
● Allocation: ~10%
● Description: The Associate will pitch in on myriad tasks related to building a
sustainable, organized program, from stakeholder management to meeting
preparation, and from data analysis to contract management.

– You love New York City – Not only do you live here, but you have a deep passion for
the city and its neighborhoods, extraordinary denizens, and crazy pace. We’d also
prefer that you’re based in New York City and can come to our office.
– You’re whip smart – We need a fast thinking problem-solver who can juggle eight
things at once with efficiency, accuracy, and good humor.
– You’re data positive – As a new initiative, we have a special responsibility to think
critically about data and how it can shape our work for the good. The Associate should
enjoy getting into the weeds, conducting analyses, and thinking about strategy.
– You know what you don’t know – You’re self-aware and a team-player. You ask
questions, and you enjoy collaborating with others. You’re ‘all in’ on the team.
– You’ve worked before – We seek someone who ‘gets’ what it means to show up and
do what’s needed — preferably someone with 4-6 years of experience, or who needs a
serious side gig. Full- and part-time applicants welcome.

The David Prize will accept applications until September 1, with hiring to occur no later than
Oct 1, 2019. Please email Erika Boll at with a resume and cover letter
to apply.