2019 Model G20: Three Reasons Not to Miss Out

The following is a letter from International Affairs alumnus Rodolfo Tsapralis, who participated in the 2018 Model G20 Summit at American University in Washington, D.C.
Dear Fellow GPIA Students,
I was delighted to learn that The New School will once again be attending the Model G20 Conference at American University. An alumnus of the 2018 MG20, I present three reasons why you should consider taking advantage of this exciting opportunity.

The 2018 Model G20 delegation from The New School

Experience real time diplomacy
As one of many delegations, put your debating and negotiating skills to the test. Rally support for your cause or to challenge another based on your nations real world needs and priorities. Work with your coalitions (G7, BRICS, etc.) and forge new alliances with other nations.
Build critical communication skills
Your delegation depends on you! Whether you are in the working sessions or holding meetings outside the board rooms, communication is the key to help the nation your represent. Delegation leaders further have the opportunity to build valuable team development and public speaking skills. Your takeaways will follow you into the professional world beyond graduation.
Make new contacts and friendships
Two years at The New School fly by, but here is your chance to establish lifelong friendships and connections with fellow GPIA students. While you’re in Washington, don’t forget to make new contacts with students from other schools. You never know where that might lead!
I encourage you all to consider enrolling in this course and would be happy to answer any questions you may have!
Rodey Tsapralis
GPIA ’19
President & Finance Minister
MG20 South Africa Delegation ’18

The first (of many) 2018 MG20 reunions, July 2019