Program Coordinator, ESCR-Net

As the position description suggests: ESCR-Net is looking for a new member of our program team, with primary responsibility for coordinating ESCR-Net’s Economic Policy and Human Rights Working Group, as well as supporting related cross-working group and networkwide actions. This Working Group offers a platform for members to deepen and popularize a human rights-based critique of the global economic system guided by grassroots struggles, working to support popular political education and collective action and campaigning across ESCR-Net, and to amplify and articulate alternatives to the dominant socio-economic model, grounded in an inclusive vision for realizing human rights and environmental justice. Following a history of more targeted advocacy on trade, export credit agencies and development finance, this working group has taken these new directions over the past couple years, following an ESCR-Net Global Strategy Meeting (November 2016), the hire of its first dedicated program coordinator (July 2017), and a working group strategy meeting in Tunis (February 2018). The Economic Policy Working Group currently involves over 51 member organizations and 6 individual members, both movements and NGOs from all regions. Its systemic critique project is guided by a Project Advisory Group of 10 members, including five movement members.


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