Consultant Role, The Synergos Institute

Synergos is looking for consultants in Indonesia for a new cross-country project running the second half of this year. To apply: Send your resume to


Consultant Role (Jun-Nov 2019)



This engagement will assist a private Foundation to accelerate women’s economic empowerment through increased financial inclusion.

To this end, Synergos Institute is asked to size opportunities for wage digitization, a potential pathway to onboard women into financial services, and identify strategies for future philanthropic investment across the following countries: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria and Pakistan. The outcomes of this project may influence the Foundation’s investment strategy and bodies of work for 2020 onward.


Project Scope

According to Findex 2017, there are 235 million adults who are paid their wages in cash and do not have a financial account. Meanwhile, research shows that digitization of employee wages is an important driver of financial inclusion: in low-income countries, 33% of wage earners reported that they first opened an account in order to receive wages. The digitization of a predictable income stream is an opportune way to onboard women into financial services, and that when done appropriately, digitization can increase women’s ability to control their income and access more financial services. Building on this research, Our project will build on this research and support wage digitization as a pathway for women’s financial inclusion, by:

  • Opportunity sizing: investigating key industries in six countries to better understand their employees (e.g. gender composition of workforce, how wages are disbursed, estimates of unbanked workers, and relevant government policies related to wage digitization
  • Relevant government policies (directly or systemically) related to wage digitization,
  • Identify key stakeholders to influence and drive wage digitization,
  • Recommend key strategies and pathways forward to accelerate wage digitization in  each country as an onboarding mechanism for low-income women.


The Role of Consultant

Serve as project lead for Indonesia to provide oversight, insights, research, input and support required to realize the overall deliverables.

In particular, your role is to:

  • Lead desk research as well as interviews with key external or internal experts and stakeholders; synthesize finding and develop analysis,
  • Produce drafts of written materials and iterate based on feedback from team, stakeholders, insights and research,
  • Develop deliverables and associated materials for submission and/or presentation to  clients,
  • Coordinate and collaborate with Synergos team members and relevant external consultants throughout the process of data gathering, analysis, writing, deliverable production, and readiness for client submissions and presentations,
  • Participate in team and donor calls and other calls as required.


Expected Deliverables

  • High level map of wage digitization ecosystem for Indonesia, including situational analysis
    • Assess the enabling environment, such as policy, industry engagement, state of women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion to surface the key accelerators and notable roadblocks to wage digitization
    • Identify key stakeholders (individuals or institutions) from various parts of the wage digitization system, such as private sector, government, and civil society who can serve as champions to accelerate wage digitization
  • Wage Digitization opportunity sizing and analysis for Indonesia
    • Analysis of 2-3 largest industries employing women – surfacing available information per industry on employee gender composition, financially included segments, and digital readiness
  • Recommend 2-3 major investment options where philanthropic support could add significant and/or unique value in advancing wage digitization for women in Indonesia. The analysis should include the theory of change and descriptions of each investment option, as well as benefits and risks of each.



  • Jun– Nov 2019
  • Busiest time expected Jun-Sep


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