OLA and CAF release “Facing Risk”

The Observatory on Latin America (OLA) recently partnered with the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) to write Facing Risk, a publication on various problems and approaches to the management of resilience across five Latin American countries. The work examines the cases of Manizales (Colombia), La Paz (Bolivia), Cuenca (Ecuador), Cubatão (Brazil), Santa Fe and Pilar (Argentina) and offers lessons and recommendations to safeguard citizens against disasters and enhance their quality of life.

While natural hazards in the past were more predictable, today Latin America is experiencing increased uncertainty when it comes to patterns of droughts and rains. Cities in the region must keep these challenges in mind as they develop resilience measures for current and future populations. In Facing Risk, authors claim that innovative solutions can also be found through studying the approaches of other cities.

Ultimately, the book calls for a renewal of urban resilience practices that incorporates intersectoral action. For those interested in reading more, access to Facing Risk can be found here.