Part-Time Case Tracking and Office Support Associate
New York Office

The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) is looking to make an immediate hire for a Part-Time
Case Tracking and Office Support Associate to join us in our office in NY and help to support human
rights/forensic work on missing migrant cases and other cases of disappearance in the US-Mexico-
Central America region.

EAAF’s headquarters are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but we maintain a small office in Brooklyn where
specific programs, particularly regarding missing migrants in the Central America-Mexico-US corridor,
are coordinated. We seek an organized, detail-oriented, highly responsible individual who is interested
in human rights issues and/or forensic investigation and who also has experience in office work. The
Part-Time Case Tracking and Office Support Associate assists with documentation and follow up tasks on
forensic and missing person cases that involve the NY Office team, maintaining precise information
tracking, facilitating updates to other offices on case status, and communicating with external
organizations to coordinate needed information. They also coordinate monthly meetings and follow-up
tasks related to our Forensic Border Coalition ( initiative regarding migrants
who have gone missing at the US Border. In addition, along with the rest of the staff in the NY Office,
they work as part of a team to provide support to office operations in general. This position requires a
self-motivated, detail-oriented individual who can bring energy to resolving unforeseen needs, exercise
quality control over data, and communicate with sensitivity with a range of persons regarding cases that
touch on human rights issues, forensic science, and the missing. Abilities to work both as a self-starter
and as a member of a multi-location team, to manage multiple deadlines, to treat all cases with the
highest level of care and dignity are essential.

This position works closely with EAAF’s Director of North America and Central America Projects and the
Subcoordinator of EAAF’s NY Office, as well as colleagues working in Mexico. Responsibilities include,
but are not limited to:
• Maintaining case tracking for EAAF NY-related cases
• Communicating and coordinating with laboratories for case reporting needs
• Managing data-sharing systems with remote staff, including uploading document copies with
strict file naming conventions and maintaining timely data updates
• Coordination, task reminders, meeting minutes, and other assistance for the Forensic Border
Coalition (
• Coding case-related invoices
• Obtaining documentation from and coordinating information with outside medico-legal offices
as directed by case managers
• Document scanning and e-filing
• Assisting with NY office support tasks
• Data entry in project tracking sheets
• Travel booking to support Mexico/Central America project operations as a shared task with the
rest of the NY Office team
• Assisting with office email, mail, phone and messages as a shared task with the rest of the NY
Office team, including communicating appropriately with journalists, peer organizations,
consulates, and family members
• Creating professional-quality materials and presentations for meetings as requested
• Assisting the Director of North America and Central America Projects and other team members
working in NY and Mexico as needed

• Bachelor’s degree
• Experience with forensic case documentation or other case documentation work
• Experience in project task management and/or office support
• Clear writing and good communication skills
• Ability to work independently and manage multiple deadlines
• Comfort with remote collaboration tools, such as Skype, Dropbox, and online conferencing
• Strong experience with office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
• Careful attention to detail
• Highly responsible and reliable
• Sensitive to confidentiality and privacy needed in human rights work
• Experience in human rights work and/or familiarity with human rights issues desirable
• Experience with coursework in or job experience in forensic anthropology/other forensics
• Familiarity with migration issues desirable
• Intermediate language abilities in Spanish and fluency in English required

About EAAF:
The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that
applies forensic science to the investigation of human rights violations and humanitarian problems. The
EAAF formed in 1984 in order to investigate the disappearances of more than 9,000 people under the
last military dictatorship that governed Argentina from 1976-1983. Since its founding, at the request of
organizations of families of victims of human rights violations, civil society organizations, local and
international tribunals, as well as mechanisms of transitional justice, such as truth commissions, the
EAAF has worked in more than 50 countries throughout the world.

Schedule & Compensation: This position is currently part-time at $ 16.80 per hour for approx 24 – 30
hours per week; ability to work flexible hours when deadlines arise is highly desirable.
To Apply: Please send a formal cover letter, including a description of your interest in working with EAAF,
along with resume/CV in an email with “Case Tracking and Office Support Associate” in the subject line

Start Date: Immediate

Please do not telephone the office in regard to this position. We will not be responding to phone inquiries.
Because of limited resources, only those selected for interviews will be contacted.