Campaign and Movement Building


The Darfur Women Action Group is taking a unique approach to fighting and preventing genocide. DWAG believes that empowering the most affected and building strong leadership among those who are historically excluded to enable them to lead and foster positive change in their communities is the most crucial approach to end genocide sustainably. DWAG is currently seeking interested interns and/or volunteers who are passionate about advancing the goals we are trying to achieve.

Internships are available for undergraduate and graduate students, recent graduates, or others interested who are available for at least -20 – 30 hours per week for the duration of at least 2-3 months. Internship program areas include:

Major Responsibilities:

• Coordinate the collaboration between DWAG and its partners and stakeholders.
• Assist research associates in tracking related news and areas of opportunity for intervention.
• Maintain the blog for DWAG website.
• Attend meetings, seminars, and workshops to remain up to date on information involving armed conflicts and government involvement.
• Assist in campaign development and implementation.
• Assist in expanding DWAG’s reach to the largest audiences.


• DWAG interns work for 20 hours a week or more as needed
• Remote working environment option is available for those who live outside of the DC area but still within the United States.



Please send your resume, cover letter, and a 3-5 page writing sample to