Fi2W’s Latest Edition Features SGPIA Alum Abraham Paulos

Published on August 1, 2017

Feet in 2 Worlds’ latest edition of its magazine is now available online: Is it Safe Here? Redefining Sanctuary in the Trump Era.

Abraham Paulos. Photo: Ewoma Ogbaudu

The magazine features articles, commentaries and a podcast from immigrant journalists from across the country.  This issue highlights LGBTQ activists in Phoenix who are rejecting the customary definition of sanctuary to create safe places on their own. A Muslim writer in Portland, OR asks why it is so hard to get mosques to commit to being sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. The podcast explores why IDNYC is still so popular despite concerns that info gathered by New York City from applicants could be accessed by federal authorities who would seek to deport them. Fi2W also answers frequently asked questions about sanctuary cities and states.

John Rudolph, the Executive Produce of Fi2W, will teach the course Telling Immigrant Stories at SGPIA this Fall. You can follow Feet in 2 Worlds on Instagram @fi2w.