Professor Alberto Minujin gives keynote address at the UNICEF Conference on Child Poverty in the Middle East and North Africa in Morocco

Published on May 16, 2017

Professor Alberto Minujin gave the keynote address on May 15, 2017 about “Child Poverty: Why it Matters?“  at a UNICEF Conference on child poverty in the Arab region. During the conference, Minujin will also be participating in workshops and discussion groups with government representatives from Arab region countries. Minujin will give a second presentation on a forthcoming UNICEF report, co-authored with Milano alumna Beatrice Mauger, now Associate Director at Equity for Children. The report to be published in the fall is entitled, “Child Deprivation in the Arab Region: Analytical Report of Eleven Countries.”


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Professor Minujin teaches “Children, Rights, Poverty, Equality” and “Urban Poverty and Inequality” at the Milano School in the Spring semester. He is the Executive Director of Equity for Children, an impact driven advocacy and social change initiative at the Milano School focused on children’s rights and wellbeing.

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