Equity for Children Publishes Two Articles

Published on July 21, 2016

Equity for Children is an impact driven advocacy and social change initiative at Milano focused on children’s rights and wellbeing. Below are two recently published articles written by the Equity for Children team.

“Assessing Sustainable Development Goals from the standpoint of equity for children,” co-authored by Alberto Minujin, SGPIA Faculty and Mild
red Ferrer, SGPIA alumna, was published in the Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy on July 13The article examines lessons learned and the post-2015 agenda debate, and suggests social accountability processes to encourage child and youth participation at th
e local level to meet SDG targets. It is accessible at http://bit.ly/29H4RRy.

“Climate Change, Children andPoverty: Engaging Children and Youth in Policy Debate and Action,” co-authored by Alberto Minujin, SGPIA Faculty, Beatrice Mauger, SGPIA alumna, and Samantha Cocco-Klein, Milano PhD candidate, was published by the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty at the University of Bergen, Norway, in June. The brief highlights how despite poor children and young people’s particular vulnerability to climate change, they can take an active role in raising awareness and create innovative solutions and should be empowered to do so. The link to this article is http://bit.ly/28X2j2V.

Visit their website www.equityforchildren.org and follow them on twitter at @equity4children.

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