SGPIA Mini-Talk: Professor Jonathan Bach Explores Past & Future Prospects of the EU

Published on April 15, 2016

In 2001, when SGPIA was created, the European project seemed to be on the ascendancy with the creation of a common currency. Today, the failed response to economic shocks, the ongoing refugee crisis, and recent terrorist attacks in Belgium and France all raise questions about the viability of a unified Europe. In this 90 second video below—one of a series of mini-talks given at our recent Celebration of SGPIA at 15 years—Professor Jonathan Bach explores the recent past and future prospects of the European Union.

“If there is a specter haunting Europe today, it’s the specter of the somnambulist, the sleepwalking that Christopher Clark invoked as the proximate cause of the first World War.”

SGPIA Mini Talk: Europe by Professor Jonathan Bach from New School International Affairs on Vimeo.