SGPIA Professor Alberto Minujin presents on “Disadvantaged Children and Equity: Missing from the MDGs – What about the SDGs?” at the World Social Science Forum in South Africa

Published on September 15, 2015
SGPIA Professor Alberto Minujin presented and participated in a panel discussion on the topic of “Global Justice and Poverty in the Transformation of the MDGs into SDGs” on September 14th at the World Social Science Forum in Durban, South Africa. In his presentation, Minujin made recommendations on how the Sustainable Development Goals can ensure a greater focus on equity for children.

Professor Minujin teaches “Children, Rights, Poverty, Equality” and “Evaluating Development Impact” at the Milano School in the Spring semester. He also runs the International Summer Field Program (IFP) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is the Executive Director of Equity for Children, an impact driven advocacy and social change initiative at the Milano School focused on children’s rights and well-being.