Professor Sean Jacobs Offers his Thoughts on Jon Stewart’s Replacement

Published on April 6, 2015

The headline on a commentary piece published by Professor Sean Jacobs on Fusion last week reads Trevor Noah is funny but he’s no Jon Stewart, South Africans say. In the article Professor Jacobs examines Trevor Noah’s ability to live up to the hype that has been created, pointing to one blogger’s claim that “Trevor Noah is like a Barack Obama moment [and] … has temporarily reunited South Africa.” Jacobs shares some doubts about Noah’s ability to fill Jon Stewart’s shoes, and suggests that while South Africans will be rooting for Trevor Noah, they ought not ask his mother what she thinks.

Sean Jacobs, a native of Cape Town, South Africa, holds a Ph.D. in Politics from the University of London and a M.A. in Political Science from Northwestern University. He is currently writing a book on the intersection of mass media, globalization and liberal democracy in post-apartheid South Africa. Jacobs founded Africa is a Country.