Romancing True Power D20 Journal Available Online Now

Published on February 19, 2015

D20 Journal, produced in conjunction with the exhibition Romancing True Power, is now available online. You can read the journal here.

D20 Journal is published by Associate Dean Nina Khrushcheva with meticulous research and production conducted by GPIA student Yiqing Wang, and expert editorial contribution provided by another GPIA student Beth Pappas. This work–a close collaboration with Ms Wang–deals with aspects of Professor Khrushcheva’s latest study of power, leadership and strongmen, in part supported by the Studley Faculty Research Fund. The journal, the exhibition’s supplement, focuses on trappings, constructs and typology of dicktatorial leadership style and investigates the strong-man rule across the globe and recent historical periods.

GPIA alumna Tracie Ninh, current GPIA students Timothy Kenyon and Timothy Holborn, and many others including generations of students of Professor Khrushcheva’s comparative propaganda-related courses have contributed to the creation of the Romancing True Power exhibition and D20 Journal.

You can also check out copies of the journal at the exhibition site, Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, 66 Fifth Avenue, New York. Romancing True Power: D20 is on view until Thursday February 26, 2015.

Watch Romancing True Power: D20 panel discussion here.